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STAR Awards

What is the STAR Awards?

With 10 men's and 11 women's intercollegiate teams, Mesa College has one of the largest competitive community college athletic programs in the region. The annual STAR Awards recognizes the academic achievements, and athletic excellence of Mesa College student athletes who are completing their 2nd season.

Event is Monday, 5/4/2020 in the Mesa Gym, beginning promptly at 6:00 pm. RSVP by Friday, April 10th. Space is limited!

Please refer to the Athletic department for any additional information.

During the ceremony we will play a slide show with your picture along with a brief statement. If you would like to appear in the slideshow please complete the following (this is for those student-athletes who are completing their 2nd season):

Please upload a picture of yourself, make it a JPEG file.

The Athletic department reserves the right to deny any picture that is considered inappropriate. 

Photo upload link:
Please only upload 1 picture

Your statement should be 1-2 sentences. Please choose from one of the following prompts for your statement:

a) Tell us your sport
b) Tell us about where you are transferring to
c) Tell us what degree you are earning
d) Thank your supporters, family, friends, and/or faculty

The Athletic department reserves the right to edit/condense your statement.

If you do not wish to provide a "Thank you" statement, place a checkmark below.
Number of guests (Limit of 2 per student). This is for student athletes who have/are completing their 2nd season.


star awards Nominations

The Student Athlete Recognition (STAR) Awards Committee needs your help with nominations for the **Super Star Award**

In order for your 2nd season student athletes to be considered for this award, please fill out the nomination form. Nominates are due by Friday, April 3rd.